Letter to Nelson Mandela

Dear Madiba

You did it.

You raised the vibration in every cell of your body to awaken your greatness. We felt your passion and purpose for our world
and were gripped, inspired, touched, moved by it.

Your feats are greater than most, yet you personified such humility that we are now
able to know how to touch and embody our true potential so that we might stand
beside you.

You are a true leader of the modern conscious generation.

As a warrior of the heart, your legacy lives on in every one of us who dares to listen
to our own unique wisdom and truth so that we may speak out and step up.

Now every time we look at your image, we will find a way into connection with this
wisdom and truth.

You never lost sight of the inner landscape through the deepest darkest moments of
your life. This is meditation lighting up the darkest corners. When you came
out of a life of chains, you showed the world how compassion and acceptance unlocks
suffering within the structures of man’s self-created imprisonment.

You had work to do. It was real, gritty, brilliant work. And you did it.

Thank you.

From all of us.