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Li Edelkoort

I first met Li in Lisbon
in 2002 when we shared the stage presenting our seminars about future global
trends. I was struck by her wisdom, her intellect and her presence, and from
then her world intrigued and inspired me.

Li is the shaman of
futurism, she often called herself a transmitter of future concepts in our
life. Often her creations were presented in her trends bibles with such
artistry that we could only be intuitively guided by it, exactly her intention.
Although her work serves the fashion and textile industries her sensibility
belongs to the industry of behaviour.

I remember her talking in
2000 about how all of our products would become more and more flat and how
coffee shops would be taking over the world. Now I read about her on my iPad
sipping a fine Colombian blend from the local hipster café!

What really struck me was
her commitment to a love of our planet and man’s creations on it. She is an
original pioneer of sustainability, having created a clothing line called ‘heartwear
in 1993 – “a non-profit organisation that collaborates with
artisans by helping them produce their products on a larger scale, without
compromising their know-how, skills, culture or the environment they live and
work in.”

Like many shamans of
modern times, when people are baffled by their methods and medicines today they
discover their future unfolding to be true.

By Christopher Connors