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Gabrielle Roth

Mistress of Stillness

I owe much of this site to my teacher, artist, sage and dear friend Gabrielle

A star of modernconscious life, she mastered the intimate relationship
between inner journey and global creative action. Whilst many of her peers were
journeying to the east to find Buddha, Tao and Yoga in the 1960s, her journey
was through a ‘billion miles of unexplored territory from the head to the
feet’. And by surrendering to the mastery of rhythm and beats, she entered into
the realm of deep stillness and created her most prolific work. Movement and
meditation were her alchemy.

“If you put the psyche in motion it will heal itself”, she wrote in her first book ‘Maps to Ecstasy’ which
explained her own body of work, ‘the 5Rhythms’, often described by her as a healing arts practice. Gabrielle was a Zen master,
shamanic artist and rock star shapeshifter. When she entered the room you could
feel her alert presence in seconds, always head to toe in the high priestess of
fashion Anne Demeulemeester.
The edge was her centre and in there she glowed and smiled kindly.

She will become more and more revered for her powerful words in our world as we
continue to explore how to embrace and embody the paradoxes of our internal and
external worlds of conflict, chaos and disorder with the bloom of global

“Turn your suffering into art. Turn your art into awareness. Turn
your awareness into action.”

By Christopher Connors