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London Urban Retreat

This one day event, led by renowned coach, vision maker, and meditation teacher Chris Connors, is designed to support you access your true calling. The day will involve enquiry, exploration, meditation and integration. From this day together you will understand the power of stillness to influence the reality you want to see and be in the world.

Chris believes that our true calling can easily be accessed by choosing to live our life expansively and optimally. He uses his conscious living model ‘The 5 Qualities of Living’  as a framework to access true optimal living. It was created and inspired by his journeys through meditation, psychotherapy, movement coaching and innovation, all of which he has been teaching and guiding for 20 years.

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The 5 Qualities are:

  • Essence: Connection to our deepest centre, our sacred self, our soul purpose
  • Embodiment: Our mental, physical, and emotional self — strong, dynamic, emotionally intelligent
  • Relating: Our relationship with others with a sense of our essential embodied self
  • Material/Manifesting: Our creativity in the world (be it in business, projects, initiatives, or ideas)
  • Environmental: Our connection to the earth and our true calling within it

During the day we move through each quality by:

  • Experiencing it
  • Acknowledging it
  • Exploring our relationship to it
  • Creating a breakthrough with it
  • Innovating with it and making it a resource in our life
  • Sharing it with others

You will leave with 5 key outcomes:

  • A framework for optimal living that you co-design
  • A deeper and rooted sense of self and purpose
  • An expansive experience of meditation and dymanic meditations
  • Distinctions and breakthroughs in each of the 5 qualities that will bring new life gifts
  • A connection to a new ‘In the Moment’ community

The day will be run and hosted by NOW Live Events in partnership with Psychologies Magazine, in the beautiful atmosphere of 42 Acres Shoreditch. There will be plenty of time within the day to meet and connect with others, and become part of a growing community of like-minded people.

Teas, coffees, light snacks, and other refreshments will also be available throughout the day.



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Gratitude is an attitude

There is no better way to shift your life and frequency than to drop into the flow of gratitude. It just works. it works every time. The minute we remind ourselves what we are grateful for there is an energetic shift into the heart, into the moment, into appreciation. Try it daily. Click on the image to watch this short inspirational movie.

Still in the Chaos

Check out the article i wrote about Fear, Anxiety and how meditation is the ultimate liberation from stress.

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