Ginger Flight Therapy


This warm, spicy and exotic therapeutic
product from Aesop is the perfect partner for your daily meditations.

The key in this product is not just what it
is, but how and why you use it. Connecting with why you’re using it as
important as the product itself. Every time you open it, you’re giving yourself
some mental time and space to do something good for yourself and to take a
moment out of your current thinking patterns.

Using slow movements, apply the lightweight
oil directly onto neck, temples, wrists, behind the ears and abdomen before
meditation, or in times of stress, nausea or weariness.

Ginger Flight Therapy works to stimulate the senses. The power of
fragrance as both a relaxing and stimulating property invites you to be more
present, as with meditation practice. So in some ways it’s there to relax and
de-stress, and in other ways it’s there to help you to become more alert and

This invigorating blend – formulated by
Aesop to lend weary workers and travellers a much needed sensory lift – will
enliven the spirit.

Aesop was founded in Melbourne in 1987 and today offers
its skin, hair and body care products in beautifully crafted stores around the