swear or prayer

the dimensions of swearing


The word Fuck moves us in many ways. It excites us, scares us, warns us, makes us laugh, is naughty and sometimes really inappropriate. My view is that Swear is the shadow of Prayer. It has its own artistry and it’s here to stay. The idea that we try to eradicate it is futile. We might not like its dark side, destructive element and keep preventing ourselves and kids to use it. But somehow we do it. It wakes us up. And I say sometimes so be it.

Here’s a few modernconscious takes on Fuck

Indian Mystic, Osho’s brilliant take on the word Fuck and how powerful it is

OSHO: Strange Consequences from OSHO International on Vimeo.

Fuckit the ultimate spiritual way

Fuck It – The Ultimate Spiritual Way from Roach Productions on Vimeo.