Island of the seeker

Ibiza is a chameleon. It
is never what it seems. And yet this is its true allure.

I have always known Ibiza
to be the island of the seeker. And of course what people travel to this island
to seek out is such a personal thing, light or dark. But like any great
painting, light and shadow make for a fascinating dimension and Ibiza has it.
The island holds it.

I met a woman who has
lived here for 30 years and watched the island transform through all of its
guises. She told me that Ibiza will soon hold its rightful place as one of the
healing centres of the world. Those who live beyond the clubs and package
holidays know it. Music and hedonism might have the loudest PR at the moment,
but what’s 20 years to this island which spans right back to the year 654 BC and its Ancient Greek healing roots.

The island’s dynamic is
vastly bigger than this. It is now riding out the trend of being on trend or
out of date to just being vastly eclectic and a staple on a calendar visit just
like any great destination. I always think of Ibiza in an urban modern context.
There is no real ‘morality architecture’ like its baroque counterparts Sicily
or its neighbour Mallorca, with their great cathedrals and spires. Architecture
doesn’t dominate here.

Apart from its astounding
natural beauty, its life really lies in its people. People from all over the
world, regardless of age, colour or sexuality, Ibiza is a modern global phenomenon.
And like any city it lives vibrantly in its light and shadow. 

By Christopher Connors