The Bincho

Sort of Coal

Sort of Coal is a brand
focused on human design processes, inspired by Nature’s unique ability to adapt
and transform to overcome new challenges. The natural material at the heart of
the brand is charcoal. Handcrafted, activated, Japanese White Charcoal to be

I’ve been using Sort
of Coal ranges of water, body and air purifying products for years. For me they
are the next generation of beautiful ethical products, which perfectly showcase
how ethics and aesthetics do not need to compromise. Beyond green.

Their purifying
products represent Nature’s extraordinary processes of transformation. Nature
is constantly transforming substances when they are exposed to new
circumstances; transforming into new forms with a new ‘purpose’. Trees are
growing absorbing carbon dioxide, fire transforms the carbon into a solid form, charcoal and charcoal purifies the surroundings by adsorbing toxins and
adding nutrients to the soil. An amazing circle and a true qualified process.

The charcoal is
processed by Japanese craftsmen who have carefully studied and optimised the
process of turning carbon into a solid form with qualified abilities. They are so sensitive to the natural
processes that they service nature rather then abusing it.

What I love is their
commitment to these ancient holistic traditions to naturally purify our
environment, without the need for harsh chemicals. This knowledge and
craftsmanship has been so neglected in our modern culture, it’s beautiful
to witness how reverting and innovating this wisdom, and letting the
power, beauty and balance of nature work its magic, can enrich our lives.

The Bincho water
filter is the finest on the
market, with the highest grade of charcoal that can be found. The charcoal adsorbs
the water, detoxifies the water and at the same time pumps minerals back in. A
truly active product. After 3 months using the charcoal in the water, just throw it into the soil where it will continue to do its work.

I asked Pernille
Lembcke, the Founder of Sort Of Coal, why she has been so moved to dedicate her
life to this: “For me business is about relations. Relations are about having
something to share. The craftsmen really have produced a natural material worth
sharing and I love to help them share this with a new audience. I believe that
this unique material will help us understand how brilliant Nature is and how
the relation between Nature and humans can lead to qualified products if we do
our best!”

By Christopher Connors