Christopher Connors

Chris Connors

Christopher Connors is a creative director, mentor, coach and meditation teacher.
He has navigated the worlds of design, philanthropy, mindfulness and leadership, and has been trusted by many leading entrepreneurs and global business owners to steer creative visions,
coaching programs and change initiatives.

As a meditation teacher and course leader, he has been inspired by this time of great change to find even greater ways to integrate mindfulness and leadership into our daily life, considering it to be a great creative process in our life. He is often known as a conscious innovator and has been practising and teaching meditation programs for 15 years, including 10 years with noted philosopher and sage Gabrielle Roth.

As a private coach and mentor, his programs are specialized and bespoke to create ‘unique leadership wisdom’ with his clients, and so create inspiring, individual, outstanding leaders equipped for new paradigms in business and culture. He believes that modern successful business revolves around the four Cs – conversation, co-creation, consciousness and community. 

“I was born in Belfast during a war in the early 70’s, and as a young boy I would witness beautiful historical buildings being destroyed by bombs, people being destroyed by war. Devastated, I would take notebooks and redraw those buildings in the rubble, in some way envisioning that they would bring back beauty, meaning and healing to a broken society. I never lost hope or sight of this. These moments would go on to define my life. I now dedicate my time to creating more stillness, empowerment, innovation and beauty in our world by inspiring people, products and places to be consciously prolific. I’ve been venturing the worlds of design, luxury, meditation, art, movement, entrepreneurship, leadership, consciousness, war and peace, and global sustainability. Quite often they served as distinct, exclusive and specialist worlds but more and more I believe in the power of integrating these worlds as I weave them into my purpose and encourage those I mentor to do the same of their different worlds.

This integration of polarities, integration of what was once seen as mutually exclusive in our lives, is taking us on a fascinating journey through modern life and we are witnessing connections and co-creations between extraordinary leaders from luxury brand to young tech leader, global philanthropist to young social entrepreneur, sage to siren, designer to dancer. One thing stands clear in all of this abundance and chaos; a deeper need to connect to the wisdom of people, products and places that really matter and of course what really matters to us is a fascinating personalized inquiry.”